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Conquering the Conquest 1 Bearcat: An Interview with Gunther Balz
A True Early Bird - Race #7 the "Roto-Finish Bearcat"
#101 Perestroika - History
#101 Perestroika - Race Stats
#101 Perestroika - In Profile
Race #5 "Voodoo" Wallpaper - 2002
Race #5 "Voodoo" Wallpaper - 1999 Yolo County
Race #5 "Voodoo" Wallpaper - 1999 Reno
Race #10 "Critical Mass" Wallpaper - 1999 thru 2002
Race #7 "Strega" Wallpaper - 1999 thru 2002
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Reno Air Races

This year's event will be held
September 16-20, 2015

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Air Racers : The Planes : In Focus
F2G Super Corsairs - Part 2: "Kamikaze Killer"
Jan 1, 2000, 14:42
In early 1944, after U.S. Naval Intelligence revealed sketchy details of Japanese plans to organize such special attack units, a greater urgency was affirmed regarding an already-established need for a specially-designed carrier-based fighter with great speed and superlative climbing ability to intercept Japanese reconnaissance planes.... more
Article By: Don "Bucky" Dawson
Photography By: National Archives, U.S. Navy , & San Diego Air and Space Museum
Air Racers : The Planes : In Focus
Race #57 Flying A "Full-Circle Through Time" Maneuver
Jan 1, 2000, 14:41
It was almost as if Voodoo's powerful forces had worked up some REAL MAGIC this time, by opening the Door to the Past just long enough to let one of it's own fly through into the Present. There- setting up for final approach for landing on Runway 8, was Ben McKillen's old & bold- #57 F2G Super Corsair racer!
Article By: Don "Bucky" Dawson
Photography By: Warren M. Bodie, Don "Bucky" Dawson & Hugh Young
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