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Conquering the Conquest 1 Bearcat: An Interview with Gunther Balz
A True Early Bird - Race #7 the "Roto-Finish Bearcat"
#101 Perestroika - History
#101 Perestroika - Race Stats
#101 Perestroika - In Profile
Race #5 "Voodoo" Wallpaper - 2002
Race #5 "Voodoo" Wallpaper - 1999 Yolo County
Race #5 "Voodoo" Wallpaper - 1999 Reno
Race #10 "Critical Mass" Wallpaper - 1999 thru 2002
Race #7 "Strega" Wallpaper - 1999 thru 2002
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Reno 52nd Annual NCAR - Ramp, Pits, & Misc.
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Reno Air Races

This year's event will be held
September 16-20, 2015

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Air Racers : The People
Desktop Racing Aircraft III
May 29, 2001, 15:55
A year and a half passed, and finally, it is finished. During the process I received many inquiries on "How is your project coming along?" - and these emails helped to keep me focused on the project and to also, not give up!
Article By: Taichiro Yamashita
Photography By: Taichiro Yamashita
Air Racers : The People
Desktop Racing Aircraft II
Oct 25, 2000, 21:07
Hello again air race fans and modeling enthusiasts! As I stated in my last article and on the "Ramp Rat" message board, I will be updating everyone on the progress of my current modeling project, a 1/48th scale model of Miss Ashley II, as work and time permits.
Article By: Taichiro Yamashita
Photography By: Tatsuo 'Ken' Sakurai &Taichiro Yamashita
Air Racers : The People
Desktop Racing Aircraft
Jun 30, 2000, 14:52
Since my school age years, I have been involved in air racing even though it was not very popular in Japan, and I have also been keenly interested in building scale model aircraft. I have since made six Unlimiteds in 1/48th scale thus far, and they are all highly modified and very attractive racers.
Article By: Taichiro Yamashita
Photography By: Tatsuo 'Ken' Sakurai, Taichiro Yamashita, & Schneider Magazine
Air Racers : The People
Cleveland Era Racing - The Story of a "Prop Boy"
Oct 8, 1999, 18:24
You ask "what is a prop boy?" Being a prop boy simply didn't just mean that I was the boy who gets out there and hollers "CLEAR" - then stretches with his hands high in the air and pulls the propeller through so the engine of the airplane starts running. A prop boy was.... more
Article By: Chuck Hughes
Photography By: Warren M. Bodie, Chuck Hughes, Mark Kallio, & Hugh Young
Air Racers : The People
A Quest For Warbirds
Aug 14, 1999, 11:50
The next show in your area is not for another two months, and you just know you'll go stir crazy between now and then if you don't get your warbird fix. So what can you do?
Article By: Mike Lucchesi
Photography By: Mark Kallio



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